The Anatomy of Momentum Mindset | Fotis Filippopoulos | TEDxUTHLarissa

How can we create and maintain momentum in evolving, often volatile, and random environments? Inspired by research into how organisations create value and sustain growth, Fotis Filippopoulos proposes a new way for entering a positive reinforcing loop, triggered by necessity, creativity and bias to action.

Fotis Filippopoulos, PhD, is a corporate innovation specialist, an industrial policy advisor for CCIs and innovation expert at the European Commission, judge and mentor at the MIT Enterprise Forum (CEE & Greece) and an MIT-Certified Innovation and Entrepreneurship educator. In 2017, he was awarded the Mark of Excellence for Best Provision of Industry Information and Intelligence at the European Association Awards. Fotis Filippopoulos is also a speaker with a track record including premier forums and summits around the world, like the ISC in Quebec City, and the WCUC in Vienna, as well as in iconic venues including the European Parliament in Brussels, the MIT Museum in Boston, and the Memorial JK in Brasilia.

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